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Choose who you’re comfortable traveling with. Every member on our platform has a verifiable profile. Also, you can make reviews and see their ratings.



Request or offer a trip from the comfort of your phone. Making payments is a breeze. Arrange pickup and drop-off points by consensus.

save travel costs


Share travel costs and let’s reduce the number of cars on the road!

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Comfort and Company

Enjoy personalized space and great company on your trip. Meet interesting people, build your network

How Twende Works

Get Verified

Provide a copy of your national ID/PP, license, vehicle insurance certificate. Within a day, we will verify your profile so you can post trips

Offer Trips

Specify your departure and destination, date and time, number of seats available and cost per seat.

Get Paid

Earn money by sharing your ride with our passengers. Get paid as soon as you start the trip

Choose a trip

From the app or web, find trips going your way. Join a trip with one click and we'll match you with other passengers going the same way.

Book and pay

Select and pay for the trip of your choice based on the date, time, fare, car type and travelers on the trip. It's that simple.

Take your trip

Meet your driver at the pickup location and enjoy your cheap, convenient and fun trip. Traveling done the right way.

Download the application

Cost-sharing made easy. Comfortable, convenient, fun. Travel the right way. Our way. Now available on Google Play.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Twende

How can I guarantee my safety on the platform?
As Twende Carpool, we take safety seriously and it’s important for our members to feel safe and secure during their trip. In every step of using our app, we want to give both drivers and passengers the information and ability to choose whom to travel with. On our platform, you choose who you travel with based on their verifiable profile. We use real-time location tracking to monitor trips. our support lines are also available daily 9am to 5pm to answer any queries you have.
What if my car breaks down?
As a driver, you’re responsible for the passengers in your car. In the event that your car breaks down during your trip, it is your responsibility to contact your motor insurance company to determine if they can provide you vehicle towing services. Additionally, we expect drivers to act in ‘good faith’ and do anything necessary for their passengers to arrive safely.
What if there’s an accident, who will be liable?
Twende only provides a service connecting drivers with passengers. If an accident occurs, all passengers are covered by the vehicle’s insurance cover. Drivers with any concerns are also encouraged to check directly with their car insurer, as terms and conditions of individual car insurance providers may vary over time.
How do I accommodate riders with disabilities?
A driver's violation of the laws governing the accommodation of riders with disabilities constitutes a breach of his or her contractual agreement with Twende. Accordingly, drivers are expected to accommodate all of them to the maximum extent possible. Any report of discrimination will result in temporary account deactivation while Twende reviews the incident.
What if the rider forgets something in the Car?
If you notice an Item left behind, please let us know by sharing details and a photo so that we can help you connect with the rider for you two to arrange mutually convenient time and place for a return

How are fares set for a trip?
Twende gives the driver complete ability to decide how much he or she thinks is fair for passengers to contribute towards the cost of the trip. We provide the driver additional information like the average fare for that route, a minimum and maximum to ensure we keep the platform affordable and reliable.
What if I want to be dropped off somewhere before the final destination, will the fare reduce?
No. The driver sets the fare based on the fuel costs of his or her final destination. As such, every passenger will pay the same amount regardless of where they are dropped off.
As a driver, how do I get my money?
We send the driver money to his or her registered MPESA account within 30-minutes of receiving confirmation from the driver and passenger(s) that the trip has started.
Are cash tips allowed?
Twende does not expect passengers to tip. Any cash offered by a passenger is voluntary and the drivers has the freedom to accept or refuse.
Is Twende cheaper than Using traditional cabs or matatus?
It is cost effective, reliable and comfortable.

How many passengers can a car take?
You can only take passengers up to the number that the law allows. For example, a salon car can carry up to 5 people max, including the driver.
Who will be expected to organise pick-up of passengers?
The driver will be responsible for organising with passengers to meet at the specified location and time.
What if I can’t reach a passenger/driver? Take a quick look that you have the right number. If you still have time before your trip starts, it might be worth waiting a bit to see if they get back to you.With different work/life schedules, it takes some people longer than others. If you’re worried your trip is approaching, you can cancel their booking and report to Twende that they are unreachable.
How can I be sure am picking up the correct passenger?
To make sure you pick the right person every time, we recommend confirming passengers name before starting a trip. We recommend getting outside your car and giving a handshake to each of your passengers and confirm that their picture and details from Twende match.
What if a passenger does not show up? We expect the driver to contact Twende on our support line when this happens. All passengers pay at booking, so it’s possibly because of a good reason they have not showed up. We will investigate the claim, and if it turns out passenger was at fault, the driver will receive 100% of their money, just as though the passenger travelled on the trip.
What if a passenger cancels before departure? If 6 or more hours before start of a trip - we’ll make the seat available for other passengers. There’s still a bit of time to find another passenger. Twende will fully refund the passenger.If less than 6 hours before start of a trip - we’ll make the seat available for other passengers: If a new passenger books, then it’s a win-win for everyone! Old passenger get’s their full refund in form of Twende credit available for reuse during future trips, the driver will get their full compensation; If no new passenger books, the old passenger will not receive any refund. However, the driver receives their full compensation for providing a reliable service.
What if a driver cancels before departure? If a driver cancels anytime, the passenger gets their full refund. Drivers can cancel 24 hours before start of trip with no repercussions. As a driver, 2 consecutive cancellation leads to banning from platform.
Can I ride with my pets? Use the app to either text or call the driver to let him know you would like to bring a pet along if he or she is fine with it then well and good if not look for an alternative.

Which routes do you operate? In 2018, we will be operating the Nairobi - Eldoret and Nairobi - Kisumu route. In 2019, we plan to reach most routes originating from Nairobi and ending in Nyanza and Rift Valley. Reach out to us if you think we should definitely come to your town!!
Do you have an iOS app?
For now no. We only have the android app for versions 4.4 and above. However, we are working on it and will be out in a few months. In the meantime, our website will soon also allow you to book and offer a trip on the browser.

Who is Twende?
Twende is a carpooling platform that uses an app to connect drivers and passengers going the same way. We are not a taxi, shuttle service, sacco, travel agency or a cab hailing service.
What is carpooling?
Carpooling is all about sharing travel experiences! Why travel alone, if you can bring other people with you? Why struggle with the hassle of boarding a bus in the middle of town, while you can meet with your driver in a more convenient location!Technology is our future. Twende is here to create a comfortable, convenient and affordable travel experience for you, your family and friends, your crew, your squad.
How do I join the Twende Team
We are a team of highly motivated Kenyans with a shared vision of improving travel experiences for any Kenyan who travels long-distance. Connect with us on LinkedIn and we’ll be sure to share any openings we are hiring for.

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